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  1. Students will treat the building, furniture and equipment with great care. Any loss or destruction of these will be chargeable, individually or collectively.
  2. Students will keep the campus clean. Students found littering the campus will be fined.
  3. Students will be in their places in the class room at the first bell, maintain silence till the lecturer arrives.
  4. Discipline should be maintained in class. Insubordinate and rude behavior of any kind to the staff of the college will be strictly dealt with . Repeated violation of rules can lead to rustication.
  5. Strikes and similar demonstrations are not allowed but a respectful representation of grievances will be looked into.


  1. Students will carry their Identity Card with them at all times. This will be shown to authorized persons when demanded.
  2. Students are advised to refer the college notice boards every day for information.
  3. The students should make good use of library facilities in a responsible manner.
  4. Refinement should be observed, especially in the canteen and care taken to keep it litter free.
  5. All stray and unclaimed property shall be brought to the Principal’s office.
  6. No books, pamphlets, papers, banners or posters will be circulated or exhibited by the students, nor tickets for any programme sold within the premises without the express permission of the Principal.
  7. There shall be no money raised for any purpose whatsoever, or gifts made to staff members or others without the permission of the Principal.
  8. Students will not see their visitors in college. They will have the letters, money orders and other communications addressed to their home or hostels.
  9. Excursions if any, of long or short duration will be organized by the college authorities only. There will be no picnics organized by the students without the express permission of the principal.
  10. The college will not be responsible for any casualty or untoward incident within the campus.
  11. All extra curricular activities will be held only after class hours and on Saturdays.


Each student accepts the responsibility to upload the standards of the college , whether on or off the campus.

  1. The day begins with a common morning prayer in which all participate.
  2. The College expects the students to attend classes regularly. Attendance is taken at every lecture , practical or tutorial hour as prescribed by the college time table.
  3. Examinations are held at the end of every semester. Students are expected to write the tests and do the assignments given in each subject during the month. Attendance requirement must be fulfilled by every student in each paper.
  4. Students should wear formals everyday. Students are expected to wear simple and modest clothes, avoiding sleeveless tops, tights, mini skirts, shorts and flimsy clothes.
  5. The use of mobiles during class hours is banned.
  6. Students must always maintain the decorum and discipline befitting the institution.
  7. All grievances will be addressed by the student’s grievance cell.
  8. Students posting information about the peers, staff and institution in cyber / electronic media / social networking sites etc . will be dealt severely.
  9. Carrying of any plastic items and carry bags into the college premises is prohibited, to ensure a plastic free zone.


  1. Record of attendance will be maintained. Attendance shall be taken at the beginning of each hour.
  2. It is compulsory for students to maintain a minimum of 80% attendance in all subjects and in all semesters to be eligible to appear for the End Semester Examination.
  3. No student may be absent from class without permission. Leave letters must be addressed to the Principal and countersigned by the Parent / Guardian / Warden. The leave letters must be signed by all subject teachers and handed over to the class mentor. However , attendance cannot be claimed for such absence.
  4. Leave application for reasons of illness beyond three to four days must be accompanied by a medical certificate and medical bills.
  5. For feedback on attendance and progress, parents have to meet the respective class mentor during parent-mentor meeting as scheduled in  the calendar.


Carpediem - Inauguration

Hindi Diwas - Inauguration

Sports Day

The Fitness Pledge

Fit India Movement

Fit India Movement

Science Day - Model Making

Independence Day Celebration

Stauros - Western and Vernacular

Under 25 Summit

Cul Week - Western Acoustics

150th Birth Anniversary
Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhiji on Canvas

Fresher's Day - Minute to win it

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