B.A. Triple Majors

B.A. Triple Majors

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B.A. Triple Majors


3 Years

B.A. Triple Majors


About the program: The B.A. Triple Majors programs are three-year rigorous programs that offer curriculums equipped to instil students with the prowess and acumen in their field of interests. As an interdisciplinary program, this program has been designed to ensure that every student acquires an in-depth understanding of their subjects and can showcase their talent, skills, and abilities in any dynamic environment with ease. In order, to stand out in today's world, these programs are structured to not merely make students well-versed in the technicalities, ideation process and execution for practical outcomes but also to gain proficiency in each subject and further, pursue a career of their choice.  On acquiring knowledge of the qualitative and quantitative techniques as well as gaining an in-depth understanding of the field, Graduates of this degree will be able to demonstrate their skills in all the three subjects of the combination, they select. The Curricular and Extracurricular activities are designed in a way to ensure that the students receive a holistic understanding through the curriculum.

Combinations offered by the Faculty of Humanities:
Undergraduate Programs:
1. HEP - History, Economics, Political Science
2. HES - History, Economics, Sociology
3. HJTT - History, Journalism, Travel & Tourism
4. PES - Political Science, Economics, Sociology
5. PEJ - Political Science, Economics, Journalism
6. PyES - Psychology, Economics, Sociology
7. PyEE - Psychology, Economics, English
8. PyEJ - Psychology, English, Journalism
9. PyEC - Psychology, English, Communication Studies
10. PyPT - Psychology, Physical Education, Travel & Tourism
11. HEP & HES: 4 Year Integrated B.A., B.Ed.


Eligibility for the program is a pass at the +2 level (Karnataka PUC / ISC / CBSE / NIOS / State Boards) from any recognised Board in India. Candidates writing the +2 examinations in March-May 2020 may apply with their class X and XI marks.