Ph.D. in Life Science

Ph.D. in Life Science

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Ph.D Life Science


Ph.D in Life Science

Students undertaking the Ph.D. program in Life Science at Mount Carmel College are trained to explore and conduct ground-breaking research in the field. By putting in a conscious effort to impart proficient guidance on the scholar’s subject of interest, the program is construed to foster a culture of research and enhance said scholar’s prowess. Through rigorous panel discussions, our scholars are encouraged to put their skills to use and venture into the field of Life Science by nuancing their research skills, staying up to date with the episteme, publishing in recognized journals, and creating a thorough dissertation of the utmost quality. Through our program, we hope to mould the leaders of tomorrow who will not merely bring in new insights in the field but continue to generate interest in the field and carry it forward.
A noteworthy faculty member spearheading the program is:
Name: Dr. Suba G A Manuel (M.Phil., Ph.D.)
University: Bengaluru Central University