Program Description - Binary University Manual

The MBA is the premier business qualification. There are more than enough good MBAs in the globl market that either prepares you to become a functional specialist or a generalist.

What the world lacks is an MBA that can groom one to become an Industry-Specialist Professional, a professional who has in-depth knowledge about a particular industry; a professional who has profound knowledge of all the major competitors in that industry, a professional who has hands-on knowledge of the government machinery which oversees the industry, a professional who is well-versed with the regional development and global trends in relation to the industry. In short, a professional who can assume a top management job not because of one’s paper qualification but because of what that person can bring to the table and make a difference to the employer. Welcome to the Binary MBA.... the World’s First Industry-Specialist MBA.

Program Description - Binary Msc Tourism

Department of Travel & Tourism, Mount Carmel College Bengaluru is proud to provide Masters in Tourism as Twinning Programme with Binary University Kuala Lumpur Malaysia one of the top business schools in Asia. Study in English, yet live in Malaysia. MCC is the First College in Bangalore to provide International Twinning Programme in Tourism Management for Women. An opportunity to participate in International exchange programmes and to study with multi lingual and multinational students from across the Globe.

Students will study first year in MCC and on successful completion of first year course they will be awarded PGDT (Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism) Certificate. Students scoring around 70% and above marks, will get lateral entry into final year of M.Sc in Tourism Management at Binary University Malaysia. It is an International Twinning programme and Binary University Kuala Lumpur Malaysia will award the Master’s Degree to Students on successful completion of the course.

MSc in Tourism Management (By Research)

Tourism is a dynamic, continuously growing and developing industry. The World Travel and Tourism Council states that tourism accounts for 8% of the world’s jobs and has the highest potential for growth which has been phenomenal generating high levels of revenue and employment. The numbers of international tourist arrivals are constantly rising and it contributes to the National Economy and GDP.

The MSc in Tourism Management is a specific industry focused programme designed to prepare students for senior management-level careers in the Tourism Industry. This programme is to meet the challenges through activities in strategic planning, market research, e-commerce, project management and other specific management functions which are becoming significant and demand international and intercultural approach.

This programme aims to develop students’ management, research and analytical skills to allow the student to operate at a high level within the booming tourism industry. Students will be equip with the necessary expertise to manage, co-ordinate and develop tourism businesses and projects internationally. This programme focuses on a range of key issues, challenges and developments in tourism management.

Course Structure - Binary University Manual

Managing Environment SEMESTER 1
Accounting for Business Decision Making
Research Methodology - Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
Corporate Entrepreneurship
Decision Making SEMESTER 2
Techniques Marketing
Management Elective I
Strategic Management
Financial Management SEMESTER 3
Management of Technology Elective II
Managerial Economic
Leadership ELECTIVES
Ethics and Corporate Governance
Operation Management
Human Resource Management

Course Structure - Binary Msc Tourism

Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism Studies I & II Semester 2017 – 18
CC-01 Travel & Tourism Management
CC-02 Event Management
CC-03 Tourism Law & Ethics
CC-04 Managerial Economics
CC-05 Research Methodology
AC -01 Principles of Management
AC -02 Business Statistics
CC-06 Global Tourism & Resources
CC-07 Destination Planning & Development
CC-08 Service Marketing
CC-09 Entrepreneurship in Tourism
CC-10 Emerging Trends in Tourism
AC-03 Financial Management
AC-04 Organisational Skills
CDP Community Development Programme

Fee Structure - Binary University Manual

  • The Tuition Fees for the Program is 7 Lakhs*

Fee Structure - Binary Msc Tourism

  • Application Fee Entrance Exam: Rs: 500/-
  • Course Fee: Rs 60,000/- per candidate for First year.
  • Binary University Fee Structure will be provided after selection in Entrance test.