MCCBLR International Programs

Centre for International Programs

Our Key Functions
  • Information and advice to the students about the different international programs available.
  • Promote and handle student and teacher mobility to and from foreign institutions.
  • Advise students on documentation needed for exchange visits and higher studies abroad.
  • Provide faculty with information on teacher exchange and international cooperation programs.
  • Handle incoming visits by international students including exchange students, prepare a Guide for Foreign Students, and provide reception, visas, travel, and hostel accommodation.
  • Provide meet and greet service for international students, health and welfare provision, conflict resolution, counselling services, etc.
  • Draft and negotiate international cooperation agreements.
  • Managing existing formal or informal collaboration and seeking new partnerships.
  • Preparing and drafting Memoranda of Understanding (MoU)/Letters of Intent (LoI)/ Memoranda of Agreement (MoA) for international collaboration. Organizing Memoranda of Understanding signing ceremonies.


The admission is decided based on evaluation of all application materials submitted by the student. All previous academic records & current resume.

Credit Transfer

Upon joining postgraduate diploma in Business Administration at Mount Carmel College Autonomous students who wish to pursue an international degree can opt to seek that degree from any one of Mount Carmel College partner institutions.

Students are required to complete all the requirements for PGDBA and upon meeting the stipulated academic requirement, the Center for International Programs and Partnerships, shall initiate the transfer of credits of the student towards the degree at the partner university.

The rest of the Program is undertaken at that partner university and, upon successful completion, the student graduates with a degree awarded by the chosen partner institution. Along with the international degree, the experience of thinking critically and creatively about the most defining issues in global enterprise and the development of personal leadership abilities to effectively manage complex work-place environments, are skills highly valued by potential employers

Visa & Opt


Both Mount Carmel College and University staff can assist you in obtaining a visa. However, visa granting is an independent decision made by immigration authorities; neither MCC nor University has control over the outcome.

Our track record suggests that chances of visa rejections are very minimum, however if there are visa rejections then the students will get a one-year Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration PGDBA certificate from Mount Carmel College, Autonomous.

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

As a student in the Transfer Program, you are eligible to pursue optional practical training. OPT allows you to work as an apprentice or intern in the U.S. Upon Graduation, while still holding a student visa. can assist you with OPT and on-campus career opportunities.

Campus Jobs

During the first semester in University, students are generally encouraged to focus on studies as transition into new education system could be challenging. However, students may opt to work on campus during the second semester.

The very top students with excellent academic record and superior communication skills are usually invited to apply for a limited number of Graduate Assistanceship positions. Others may have to consider non-academic positions.