MOU’s and Collaboration

Number of functional MoUs with institutions of national, international importance, other universities, industries, corporate houses, etc. during the last five years
Organization Institute Year of Commencement Actual Activities No of StudentsTeachers
EdGate Technologies Pvt LTD EdGate Technologies Pvt LTD 2019 Click Here -
NICT Computer education Pvt LTD NICT Computer education Pvt LTD 2018-19 1. Certificate course
2. Licensed software and training
3. Resource persons to train the students
4. Verifiable certificates issued by NICT
200 students and All teachers
Indian Academy Degree College Indian Academy Degree College 2018 1. Engagement in education and research
2. Disseminate advance knowledge in the area of research and extension facilities
3. Student exchange program
4. Faculty and staff exchange program
5. Conducting seminar and workshop
6. Organizing awareness program
7. Providing lab and library facility for research activities
50 students and 2 teachers
KAHAN Technologies PVT LTD KAHAN Technologies PVT LTD 2018 1. Providing cloud-based solution for accreditation and compliance management
2. Cloud-based software for maintaining documentation, generating reports, Academic, Administrative, green and implementing quality improvement.
50 students and All faculty teachers
Concordia College MCC 2018 1. Mutual responsibilities for application process
2. Application requirements should be full filled by MCC students
3. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act maintained by Concordia
4. Full-time status-student remains for full course
5. Concordia provides one-time payment per student
6. Marketing by MCC
7. Mention on Website
8. Instruction site for courses
9. Admission assistance
All students and All staff teachers
- Akshaya Patra 2018 1. Academic research, research project
2. Advisory for project
3. Collaborative work plan
4. resource contribution
5. Research opportunities and community services
6. Exchange of scientific material and publication
06 students and 02 teachers
Binary University, Malaysia Binary University, Malaysia 2017 1. Student exchange programs
2. Faculty exchange programs
3. Cooperative- collaborative research
4. Short term training lectures
5. Workshops, conferences, and seminars
50 students and 5 teachers
Inner Being Inner Being 2016 1. Development of value-added innovative health products on quinoa
2. Evidence-based product development
3. Research Collaboration
06 students and 2 teachers
National Entrepreneurship Network National Entrepreneurship Network 2016 1. The developed impactful program, Peoples capacity, institutional and organizational structures and policy
2. Creating students entrepreneurs
200 per ye students and 17 teachers
Biozeen Biozeen 2017 1. Training courses to the student’s fermentation, Animal cell culture.
2. Enrollment will be done by MCC
3. Joint workshops on current trends and biologics research
4. Faculty development programs in current trends in biologic production
5. Research publication and patents
30 students and 5 teachers
National referral center for lead projects in India National referral center for lead projects in India 2017 1. Provide consultancy services to the employees of lead-based industries
2. Maintain national database of lead poison limits
3. Organizing training programs on prevention and early detection of lead poisoning.
4. Create awareness through media and publications
200 students and 7 teachers
Holy cross college, Agartala MCC 2017 1. Student exchanges
2. Faculty and staff exchange
3. Curriculum development
4. Collaborative research
5. Creation and organization of conferences
6. Cultural exchanges
All students and 2 teachers
National entrepreneurship network - 2015 1. Overall guidance on the development and entrepreneurship education at the institute partner
2. Define goals and outcomes in a progressive manner for the highest success by structuring the development
International Skill Development Corporation(ISDC) International Skill Development Corporation(ISDC) 2016 1. Develop UG program B.Com in International Accounting incorporating ACCA Curriculum
2. Using the name of MCC for promoting program
3. Facilitation of train the trainer, consulting and technical support
4. Sharing e-learning material
5. Provide exam oriented training program
Analytic edge Pvt. Ltd Analytic edge Pvt. Ltd 2015 1. To teach analytical courses to MCC
2. Developing course content
3. Conducting lab sessions
Association of charted certified accountants Association of charted certified accountants 2016 1. Collaboration for opportunities for courses offered by ACCA
2. Joint seminar /conferences/common research projects and publications
3. Placement opportunities
Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta road Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta road 2014 1. Develop and deliver training courses 2. Developing nutrition counseling cell
3. Augmented research opportunities
Bangalore Test House Bangalore Test House 2014 1. Ph.D. students working at MCC can use CIMAP facilities
2. Short term training programs
3. Collaborative projects
Tata Consultancy Services Tata Consultancy Services 2014 1. Designing and developing course content and curriculum
2. TCS designed course will be conducted for 50 hrs
3. Specialized courses in the areas like retail, statistics, finance, banking, and insurance
iSTAR Skill development Pvt. Ltd iSTAR Skill development Pvt. Ltd 2014 1. Application-oriented training
2. Workshops in Accountancy, financial management, and taxation
STOCK MARKET INSTITUTE STOCK MARKET INSTITUTE 2014 1. Training programmes on the basics of stock markets
2. Practical sessions on equity dealers
Institute of trans disciplinary health sciences and technology,FRLHT Institute of trans disciplinary health sciences and technology,FRLHT 2014 1. Community development programme in medicinal plants and primary health care. -
Apparel Training and Design Centre, Diginet info system Apparel Training and Design Centre, Diginet info system 2014 1. Sharing Resource person
2. Training programme
Biozeen-Bangalore biotech labs Pvt. Ltd Biozeen-Bangalore biotech labs Pvt. Ltd 2017 1. Industrial training programme in bioprocess engineering and production
2. Research Publications and Patents
MSc Biotec students and 5 teachers
St. Joseph’s College ( Autonomous), Bangalore St. Joseph’s College ( Autonomous), Bangalore 2015 1. Knowledge sharing
2. Student-based academic programme
3. Collaboration to organize workshops
45 students and 4 teachers
TI Learning Network (TILN) TI Learning Network (TILN) 2016 1. MAPP IS OFFERED FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS
Ramaiah Public Policy Center( RPPC),Gokula Education Foundation(GEF) Ramaiah Public Policy Center( RPPC),Gokula Education Foundation(GEF) 2018 1. Conduct courses on Ontological approach in applied public policy.
2. Designing of course curriculum
3. Certificate programme on public policy
30 students and 1 teacher
Lead Clinical Research and Bio-Services Pvt Ltd Lead Clinical Research and Bio-Services Pvt Ltd 2014 1. Certificate course
2. Organizing Field visits
3. Providing course material
60 students and 4 teachers
2. Additional subscription
3. Rendering services
ENTIRE STU students and ENTIRE STA teachers
Curricooler Curricooler 2016 1. Series of talk and workshop in the area of biotechnology, genetics. life science, bioinformatics
2. Conducting competitions
3. Industrial visits
4. An online forum for discussion
200 students and 5 teachers
Karnataka state billiards association Karnataka state billiards association 2016 1. Training in billiards
2. 40 hrs programme will be conducted
3. The resource person will evaluate the students
18 students and 2 teachers
Azyme biosciences Pvt Ltd Azyme biosciences Pvt Ltd 2017 1. Internship Programme
2. Research project collaboration
20 students and 2 teachers
Cyber Metric Services(India) Cyber Metric Services(India) 2017 1. Conduct Training programme on AutoCAD,3DsMAX and Adobe photoshop
2. Training will be conducted for 3-4 hrs/ week
3. Training delivered by a skilled trainer
60 students and 2 teachers
Haysans Air Travel Services Haysans Air Travel Services 2017 1. Skill training
2. Internship
3. Consultancy services
4. Operate both domestic and international educational tours
5. Provide competitive prices for booking tickets
6. Provide Industry related skill-oriented training
200 students and 15 teachers
Miles Education Pvt Ltd Miles Education Pvt Ltd 2018 1. Provide Wiley CMA study material
2. Provide training Aids
3. Facilitate classes and guest lecture
4. Facilitate collaborative research
5. Assisting in course designing for an IMA endorsement
6. Assist in differential campus placements
20 students and 2 teachers
Humanityexpress Edusol Pvt. Ltd Humanityexpress Edusol Pvt. Ltd 2018 1. Resource person
2. Issuing certificate
3. Arranging field visits
30 students and 2 teachers
JAIN UNIVERSITY JAIN UNIVERSITY 2017 1. Collaborative research, Instructional, Cultural and extension programmes
2. Exchange of Research information
3. Student exchange programme
4. Faculty and Staff exchange programme 5. conducting Seminars and workshop on research related areas
6. Exchange of Scientific publications
7. Providing laboratory and library facilities for research activities
24 students and 2 teachers