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Program Structure

S. No

Principal Investigator



Funding Agency

Amount Approved

1 Dr. Gayathri Devi S.S Research Centre Transfer of mass production technology of bio-control agent on semi-synthetic diet to grape growers for management of grape mealybugs. WoS-B DS 14, 93,000/-
2 Ms. Geetha K.S under the mentorship of Dr. Radha D. Kale Research Centre Development of methodology to use Vermiproducts as plant growth regulators in cultivation of Commercial Crops. WoS-B DS 10,29,000/-
3 Dr. Suba G. A. Manuel Life Science Activation of Plant Defense Mechanisms Against Plant Pathogens on use of vermicompost as Soil Amendment UGC 3,25,000/-
4 Mrs. Vimala C.M Zoology Effect of Heavy Metals like Lead and Zinc on Mammalian Cardiac cells UGC 1,35,000/-
5 Dr. Sunitha S.N Biotechnology Analysis of extracts from Tinospora cordifolia for useful properties UGC 1,50,000/-
6 Dr. Anu Sharma Biotechnology Assessing the role of microorganisms present in gut of the earthworm Pontoscolex corethrurus in metal uptake from the soil UGC 2,00,000/-
7 Ms. Shwetha Murthy Biotechnology Tissue specific characterization of sugar binding proteins in Eudrilus euginea UGC 2,00,000/-
8 Ms. Sindhu Anoop Biotechnology Biochemical Characterization and effects of selected plant extracts on Pancreatic Cells UGC 1,55,000/-
9 Dr. Suma Singh Economics Women Empowerment through inheritance legislation- A case study in Bangalore UGC 60,000/-
10 Dr. Sujatha Gupta Kedar Human Development Development of a kit for the problems faced by aged –A study with special reference to Bangalore City UGC 1,20,000/-
11 Ms. Telphy Kuriokose . Biotechnology Role of earth worm lectins in the legume formation in leguminous plants UGC 2,00,000/-
12 Dr. Preetha Nair Biotechnology Charecterization of lectin from hemolymph, cocoon and fecal matter of silk worm UGC 1,40,000/-
13 Ms. Mussarrath Banu K Sociology Social mobility through MNC’s- A Sociological study of product promoters, helpers and sales girls in shopping malls, global brand shops and food joints in Bangalore. UGC 90,000/-
14 Ms. Letitia Lizzie Jeswanth Physics Charecterization and comparative studies on thin films of oxides prepared by chemical methods UGC 1,15,000/-
15 Ms. T. Uma Life Science Utilization of AM fungi and other antagonistic organisms to control plant diseases and developing a formulation with vermin compost UGC 1,60,000/-
16 Ms.Padmashree Kulkarni Life Science Antimicrobial activity of coelomic fluid of earthworm on human pathogens UGC 2,00,000
17 Dr. Sujatha S. Mali Economics An economic analysis of marketing of mango fruit in Bangalore District of Karnataka UGC 70,000/-
18 Dr. M.S Swayam Prabha Zoology Role of the geophagic earthworm Pontoscolex corethrurus as a sentinel of soil quality management and bioremediation UGC 75,000/-
19 Ms. Suma N Electronics Development of Wireless sensor network protocols UGC 1,95,000/-

Project with Industrial Collaboration

The Centre for Scientific Research and Advanced Learning, Mount Carmel College has taken up a project for Unilever Industries (P) Ltd., Bengaluru

Title of the project: Synthesis, purification and analysis of biomarker compounds Number of Biomarkers – 10 (max 11) Quantity of Biomarkers – 1 gm each Purity of Biomarkers – Minimum 95% (by HPLC)

Project duration – 6 months

Cost details :

  1. Synthesis of Biomarkers – Rs 2, 50,000
  2. Purification of Biomarkers – Rs 1, 50,000
  3. Analysis/characterization of biomarkers – Rs 1, 00,000

Total project cost – Rs 5, 00,000

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