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Orientation Program

Teacher Orientation Programme Report

12th November 2018 to 18th November 2018

“By Learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn”


A week long Orientation Programme was organized for the teachers at Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru, from 12th November 2018 to 18th November 2018 with an objective of orienting and sensitizing the teaching community to issues pertaining to education,environment, effective communication, ICT, pedagogy and development. And also to create awareness about the plethora of problems faced by society and serve as a platform for exchange of ideas and experiences between the resource people and the teaching audience, thus facilitating mutual learning.

The first day was rescheduled as it was declared holiday on the account of sudden demise of our Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers – Ananth Kumar. The programme on 13th November 2018 started with the session on “Time and Stress Management” by Prof. Lucas with his lively emphasis and insights on managing the time efficiently and more so effectively with fun filled activities. The next session on “Managing Change and Creativity” by Dr. Pradeep N E was all about being innovative and adopting the changes to manage the millennial. The last session for the day on “Conflict Management” by Dr. Sudish Sharon equipped the teachers with strategies and skills to manage the conflicts with illustration of Dyad.

The second day began with a power packed session on “Indian Education System and Pedagogy” by Dr. Ganesh Bhatta who deliberated on gurukul system, pedagogy and ethics to be adopted to be an effective teacher. The next two sessions “Data Analysis – Statistics” and “Funding Agencies” were handled by Dr. K P Suresh who enlightened the audience the importance of data analysis in research, issues and challenges in finding the right funding agencies for research projects by initiating discussion.  The last session for the day “Transformational Leadership” by Dr. Regimon Thomas, a dynamic speaker enthralled the teachers with his vibrant story telling skills to inspire the participants to be a transformational leader.

The third day sessions was all about technology in classroom “ICT enabled Teaching, Learning and Evaluation” , “Innovation in Teaching Methods”, “Online Teaching, classroom and information management” by Dr. Guruprasad and Dr. Sambhavi B.R kept the teachers spellbound by tools and tricks to implement activity based learning techniques to engage todays tech savvy students.The last session on “Teacher Attitude” by Prof Suresh Raghavendra redefined the attitude of teacher for today’s classroom.

The fourth day began with videoconferencing session on skype  “Synergy between teaching and research” by Dr. Ananthnarayan Raman from Australia deliberating and initiating fruitful interactions on implementing research as a teaching tool to synergize the learning in students. The session on “ Academic integrity and plagiarism – Writing a research article” by Prof Ganasoundari a wizard educated the participants on writing a research article and demystify the myths about research paper publications and also emphasized on research ethics. The session on “Classroom management and relationship management” by Dr. Ordetta was on managing the students and also on interpersonal skills in managing relations.

The final day began with the session “Effective Communication” by Dr.Shivakumar imparted skills to the teachers on how to be an effective communicator with illustrations and also concluding session by him was on “Design Thinking”. The valedictory session was presided over by Dr. Ramesh, Dean of Commerce Studies and Dr. Uma V, Dean of PG studies –Science delivered the orientation programme report followed by feedback from participants. The certificates were distributed and the programme was concluded by vote of thanks by Dr. Sudaravalli and our National Anthem.



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