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Our Foundress– Mother Teresa of St.Rose of Lima

Her Story

The tale of this extraordinary institution began with the birth of an extraordinary human being – She was Mary Grace born in Madras, South India on January 29th 1858.

A legend who opened up a new and glorious page for Indian women. Being a woman of substance and perseverance Mary Grace thinking far ahead of her times took a leap of faith – her milestone achievement being her tryst with education. She used learning as a weapon, a tool that enabled girl children to become leaders and strong, upright citizens.

Deeply involved in spreading the light of God’s love through her quest for human rights, for caste reconciliation , for gender justice, and for social justice – envisioning a new generation and a new world, her commitment towards women’s education was truly monumental. Such has been her wisdom, the deftness of her many operations, such the potency of her timing that we now celebrate her covenant with God in the words Amazing Grace.

Indeed Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima formerly Mary Grace with prodigious courage, spearheaded a new dawn. Several of her initiatives, innovations and achievements in education and social advancement have assumed prophetic character in the presently changing national and global scenario.

CSST – Carmelite Sisters of St.Teresa

Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru is owned and administered by the Carmelite Sisters of St.Teresa (CSST). It is inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ, whose values were Love, Peace, Brotherhood/sisterhood, Equality, Joy, & Service. It is a minority institution enjoying the relevant rights and privileges guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa (CSST) was founded on April 24, 1887 by Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima in the town of Ernakulam in Kerala.

As a Catholic and a Carmelite Institute, it tries to promote the holistic development of young people based on the integral vision of the human person, of life and of the world. The Management and the staff , faithful to the spirit of the Foundress Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima , work together for the common goal of forming young people into citizens, worthy of God and worthy of our Nation and the World. The College founded and administered by the CSST is run primarily for the education of Catholic Christian women students, but it also caters to women students without distinction of caste, religion and creed.



Independence Day Celebration

Pre-Launching of Project Mint and App Factory

Stauros - Western and Vernacular

Stauros - Street Play

KHADI EXHIBITION to Commemorate 150 Years of Mahatma Gandhi


Under 25 Summit

Under 25 Summit

Under 25 Summit

Under 25 Summit

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Cul Week - DJ

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150th Birth Anniversary
Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhiji on Canvas

Gandhiji on Canvas

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Fresher's Day - DJ

Fresher's Day - Minute to win it

Fresher's Day - Minute to win it

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