Year of Establishment: 1948

HOD and Associate Professor: Ms.Claramma Thomas V, M.Sc., M.Phil.


  • The department of physics envisions a life – oriented education that empowers the students with scientific temper, analytical power, and logical reasoning, to be agents of transformation and development at different levels of life.
  • Enabled and empowered, they can contribute to building a truly knowledge-based society and a science-based economy.


  • To promote a value based basic science education and contribute to the scientific workforce of the country.
  • To generate interest and passion for the subject and create an environment that is conducive to learning.
  • To provide quality, integral, vocational and career oriented education.
  • To empower women with leadership qualities thus enabling them to contribute to the transformation of society and social liberation.
  • To work towards the integrity of creation and eco-justice.

Courses offered – UG:

1. PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

2. PME (Physics, Mathematics, Electronics)

3. PMC (Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science)

Under CBCS system from June 2015 batch onwards –

Interdisciplinary course:

Astronomy and Astro physics offered in III and IV semesters for Arts, Commerce and Applied sciences students.

Department Library: 530 books

Titles of the Papers offered :


I Paper I -Mechanics and Properties of matter
II Paper II-Thermal Physics and Solar Energy
III Paper III- Electricity and Magnetism
IV Paper IV-Waves, Oscillations and Optics
V Paper V- Quantum mechanics and Electronics
Paper VI- Statistical physics, Relativity, Atomic and Molecular physics
VI Paper VII- Solid state physics and Material science
Paper VIII- Nuclear physics Opto electronic devices and Astro physics

Research projects


  • Letitia Lizzie Jeswant-UGC minor research project- Comparative study on thin films of oxides prepared by chemical methods-2015
  • K.S. Shamala- Co-investigator-UGC major research project-Fabrication and characterization of nano grain sized Tin oxide and Zinc oxide films as transducers-2012
  • Students, Chandrika S and Swathi, Dr. K.S. Shamala- Vision Group of Science and Technology sponsored Science Projects in College Education (SPICE)- Preparation and characterization of TiO2 thin films by spray Pyrolysis method for humidity sensors-2012
  • K.S. Shamala- UGC minor research project- Transparent conducting nano thin films as gas sensors -2011



  • Physics Lab I
  • Physics Lab 2
  • Physics Model Lab
  • Thin Film Lab

e- Newsletter: ‘Tarang’-Compiled and released in June every year. Highlights the activities of the department from June to May in every academic year.


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